Welcome To My Brunch Blog!

My family and friends have been telling me to start a blog to document my brunches for the longest time and I finally buckled down and did it!

Here is my story:

I fell in love with brunch years ago. As a young child, my family used to go on a bunch of road trips and we would stop at Cracker Barrel. Each time we went I would order breakfast…even if it was lunch or dinner time because they serve breakfast all day (I still to this day have only ordered their breakfast). Then the term “brunch” became more and popular, which was convenient because I loved eggs, pancakes, waffles, mimosas, and all that jazz but am often too lazy to get up super early to enjoy breakfast at regular hours. I began to take pictures of my brunch meals and I received a lot of response. So much so that a friend of mine called me “brunch queen”.

My friends would contact me whenever they were in a certain city I had brunched in, asking for suggestions and asking when I would start a blog.

FullSizeRender (4)


Every week, I will create a post about a brunch I have enjoyed with details of what I ate and information on the restaurants.

This website will be separated into cities, so you can easily navigate the blog if you are every in a city and want to browse different options.


Feel free to contact me and add me on my different social media platforms:

email: thenewbrunchqueen@gmail.com

Instagram: @thenewbrunchqueen #TheNewBrunchQueen

Twitter: @newbrunchqueen

Facebook: facebook.com/thenewbrunchqueen

Foursquare: @thenewsunshine

Tumblr: thenewbrunchqueen.tumblr.com/



The New Brunch Queen


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