Hash House A Go Go

Hey Y’all,
I wanted my first post to be a throwback from a previous brunch, however; today at work, my coworker suggested we all try a spot in Vegas that happened to serve a few of their breakfast items all day. Naturally, I jumped at the idea. I looked up the menu and salivated while figuring out which items to order. He warned us that the portions were huge…and I thought, “challenge accepted”.

We arrived around 5pm at Hash House A Go Go in the Linq Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. I immediately saw pictures of the food on the wall and knew exactly what I would order: The World Famous Sage Fried Chicken Benedict.

One of my coworkers ordered Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffle Tower. The other two coworkers went the dinner route ordering the Hand Hammered Crispy Pork Tenderloin Sandwich and the Kokomo Meatloaf Sandwich. Preceding the entrees were huge, fluffy biscuits covered in honey butter. We were tempted to eat our entire biscuits but sure to save room for our main courses.

But let’s talk about the breakfast dishes! These dishes were so huge! We literally could of split one dish between the four of us, but we were later told that one person can indeed finish an entire dish. My benedict came out and it was about the size of an IPad Generation 1 (not kidding). The chipotle sauce topped the egg, chicken, and biscuit which were all carefully placed on the top of a bed of mashed potatoes…and bacon was subtly hiding amongst those layers. I cut out a piece and the food literally DANCED in my mouth. It was so ridiculously delicious! The kind of food you dream of but you’re never sure where to find…because it just exists in your dreams. The mixture of the fried chicken with the crunchy bacon and the smooth mashed potatoes all topped with the kick from the chipotle cream sauce was a gift from the Hash House A Go Go Angels. I took another bite and thought, “no wonder people eat the entire massive dish in one sitting”.

After a few bites, I tried my coworkers dishes and man were they amazing. The chicken and waffle tower was just that…a massive tower! The waffles were so fluffy they almost melted in your mouth. The chicken was delicious, which was expected because it appeared to be the same chicken as my benedict. And in between the waffles and chicken was a surprise bite of crispy, thick bacon.

I know you all are thinking…did we finish it? No, we did not. But did we want to finish every bite and lick the plate clean? Absolutely! I took what was left of the food To Go…conveniently planning on heating it up for breakfast.

If you are ever in Las Vegas and want to switch up the cuisine from the expensive restaurants or you’re tired of the buffets, definitely come here! Maybe even split a dish with a friend. The food was amazing…the ambiance is chill…the price was cheap considering to the amount of food you get.

Hash House A Go Go is the place to go for any day of the week AND it’s a spot that sells breakfast ALL DAY! Just make sure you bring your appetite.

My Fellow Brunchies, let me know if you ever try it or if there are other spots I should try in the Las Vegas area!


The New Brunch Queen


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  1. Steven Gresham says:

    Congratulations !! I’ll definitely be reading your blog. Do this for a year and then we’ll have to talk about shooting a show👍🏿😘. Love you, Steven Gresham

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