One of my favorite weekday brunches is Paramount. A cute, cafeteria style restaurant located in the heart of Beacon Hill. 

I’ve been here a few times and each time it is packed with people.

One of the many times I dined here was with a group of girlfriends. We actually had a reservation at a different restaurant in the neighborhood but when we showed up they had stopped serving brunch. So my friends and I scrambled, searching for places that still served brunch. I remembered Paramount was close by and threw in my suggestion. Then my friend also threw in the same suggestion. I mentioned the cafeteria styled theme to the ladies and it didn’t deter their hungry stomachs. 

We showed up and the line was long as it usually is. But it moves quickly. You basically stand in line and order, watching the chefs make the order before you. By the time they hand you your tray or food there happens to be a table ready for you. This system amazes me every time…you will walk in and see ZERO empty tables and think ‘How will this work? I’m hungry and don’t want to wait even longer for a table after waiting in this line!’. BUT IT WORKS. 

So every time I have dined here I order something different. I’ve had the Breakfast Sandwich on a bagel, the Omelets, and the fluffy Pancakes. You also have to try their mimosas which are made with freshly squeezed orange juice! 

I’ll tell you about my recent brunch with my good friend. I ordered the Feta, Baby Spinach, and Tomato omelet but substituted the tomato with ham. I also had one pancake on the side. We both ordered the fresh OJ of course. 

Another great thing about Paramount is that you can customize what you want. Although their is no single pancake option on the menu, you can still have it! Substitutions and eliminations are welcome. Just ask! And you’ll be watching the chefs make it so if you forgot to mention you wanted something, just tell them! 

So don’t let the long line deter you! Let it excite you…because you’re in for a delicious brunch experience. Paramount is always on my list of weekday and weekend brunches when I’m in Boston. 

The New Brunch Queen 

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