Savin Bar and Kitchen

This weekend, I attempted a trip to Boston to visit friends but I didn’t make it. So instead, here is a post of one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants in the Savin Hill neighborhood in Dorchester.

When I lived in Dorchester I was able to walk to this brunch gem so I really took advantage of it…as you can see I have been here for three different brunch occasions.

The first time, my best friend and I both ordered The Works and a Bellini each. The Works includes two pancakes, two eggs, two sausages, two pieces of bacon, two pieces of toast, fruit, and home fries. Definitely a hearty meal, perfect for if you’re ravenous.

I enjoyed my following brunch here with my best friends / roommates. My roommates ordered The Works and Crab Cake Benedict. I ordered their Omelet of the Day. I can’t remember what was in the omelet but I do remember eating every last bite of it…along with the home fries. Below is one of my favorite brunch pictures I captured candidly (believe it or not) while they were just about to dig in.


The last time I was at Savin Bar and Kitchen was on a brunch date. I, of course, had to preface the date with “I’m going to take a picture of our meals”…thankfully my date was ok with my brunch photography. He ordered Chicken + Biscuits with Honey Butter while I ordered the Crab Cake Benedict. My best friend had ordered the Crab Cake Benedict (as seen in the picture above) and told me I had to try it! It was delicious…and also the first crab cake benedict I have ever eaten. 

As you can see, this restaurant is the place to brunch. The menu has a nice range of delicious brunch food. The ambiance is amazing. The wait staff is friendly. The wait is reasonable. And it’s conveniently close to the T. Make sure you try Savin Bar and Kitchen in Dorchester.


The New Brunch Queen

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