Jupiter Pizza & Waffle Co

I didn’t make my way to brunch this weekend (shocker! I know!) but I was in Houston reminiscing on a brunch I enjoyed this summer.

Right outside of Houston is this cute town/city called Sugarland, which used to be inhabited by sugar factory’s…but now it’s full of great restaurants!

My parents took me to Jupiter for brunch and naturally I ordered one of their Savory Belgain Waffles. I went with the Southern Belle waffle, per the waiters suggestion.

This was the most popular dish…every other table was eating it. You can order if with a side of waffle fries or fresh fruit. It was absolutely delicious but it was so much food I took it home…and finished it for dinner…and it was still just as delicious.

I definitely recommend Jupiter Pizza & Waffle Co if you are in the Sugarland Town Center area. Be aware that Saturday’s and Sunday’s are going to be busy. But they serve their menu every day and all day! And be sure to try the Southern Belle Waffle! 


The New Brunch Queen 

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  1. Janaé says:

    I love Jupiter!!! Their chicken is amazing and I love the Japaneiro pizza! Oh and great pomegranate mimosas!!!!


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