Here is an option for a quick, hearty bite: 

Oatmeals by NYU is my Go To Spot for my childhood favorite. I’ve been here twice and been satisfied each time. It has a cozy coffee shop atmosphere (I write this while enjoying my oatmeal and iced coffee and looking out onto W. Third Street). 

I love this place because you can add any topping to your oatmeal and they also have Signature Bowls for you to choose from. 

The first time I came here I ordered the Antioxidant Awakening. It’s very filling and rich in flavor. Exactly what I needed at the time because I was starving! 

I’m currently finishing up the Peaches & Cream w/ brown sugar. It’s just the breakfast treat I needed on this rainy New York City day. 


I also grabbed an iced coffee and added their agave nectar on top instead of sugar.

 If you are indecisive and ever come here, I suggest you look at the menu before hand because there are so many options for toppings, milk, spices, etc. Its an oatmeal lovers dream! 

Come by Oatmeals, the worlds first oatmeal bar, for a hot oatmeal bowl or coffee or pastries! You won’t be disappointed!

The New Brunch Queen 

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