According to Instagram, today is National Eggs Benedict Day! And I love a good eggs Benny. Since I’m stuck in Denver at the moment because of the snow, I’ll share my experience a few months ago at brunch in this beautiful city. 

My parents actually stumbled upon Syrup a few months ago and suggested I try it (I love that they support my obsession with brunch). #brunchsession

This restaurant is a perfect brunch spot. The downtown Denver location only is open until 2pm and only serves breakfast and lunch. The menu features many syrup flavors, of course, and a hand full of eggs benedicts! 

I ordered the beignets as a starter along with maple vanilla syrup. Their version of the New Orleans staple was actually pretty good. And the syrup was amazing and a delicious dipping sauce for my beignets.

Then I took the waitress’s suggestion and ordered the Cherry Creeker Eggs Benedict. This Benny dish apparently made Syrup famous and I believe it! It was different from any eggs benny I’ve ever had because it was filled with yummy corned beef hash. I enjoyed every bite along with the tater tots. 

I left Syrup very satisfied and definitely a believer of it’s title of “The Best Breakfast Restaurant In Denver”. 


The New Brunch Queen

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