I’m currently writing to you while brunching with one of my good friends in this lovely West Village restaurant. 

I texted my girl early this morning telling her to wake up so we could brunch. She finally replies an hour later saying she is awake and is so down for brunch…so I frantically search for bottomless brunch places. We decide on Agave! 

We show up at about 11:30 and there is no wait. The waiter asks what we want to start with and we say, in unison, “mimosas”. He laughs and walks away. 

My friend orders just like I like to order…by asking the waiter what they suggest. He suggests the Huevos Rancheros for my friend. I ask him if the Lobster Benedict is and he says out of all of the Benedicts, the lobster is his favorite. So were sold. 

The food came out so quick I think we only had time to get down like two mimosas. 

The food was sooooooo good. My friend tried my potatoes and lobster and loved it. As you know, if you read my blog or follow my Instagram, I love eggs Benedicts. But I have never had a lobster eggs Benny. It was such a delicious surprise! The lobster tasted fresh! The corn added and extra pop of sweetness. 

I tried her Huevos rancheros and also loved it. It was so good that we both scraped our plates! 

Again, I’m still sitting at this great spot sipping on my bottomless mimosa. But I thoroughly enjoyed this restaurant! The service was great. And we even tried their tres leches dessert (not pictured) and it was just as yummy.

Try Agave for a great brunch with great food! 


The New Brunch Queen 


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