Marigold Kitchen

Today, I woke up early in search of the best breakfast restaurant in beautiful downtown Madison. I consulted the Foursquare app and Google maps, stumbling upon Marigold Kitchen, which had been ranked #1 for breakfast food!

I looked up the restaurant beforehand, as I always do, to plan out what I would order but I cou don’t decide! Everything looked good and all the reviews were good.

I arrived at the cozy restaurant. It’s a casual cafe-like concept where you pay then the food is delivered to your table. So walked up to the cashier and asked what she suggested. She told me the French Toast was her favorite sweet dish…I had read good things about it so I ordered that with a side of scrambled eggs and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

The waiter had described the French toast as fruity, nutty, and filling. This gorgeous plate of food arrived at my table and it was exactly that.

The shaved almonds, fresh fruit, and pure Wisconsin maple syrup turned the dish into the French toast of my dreams.

Marigold Kitchen had amazing breakfast food. The restaurant overlooks a busy street downtown but the atmosphere brings tranquility. There is outdoor patio seating or you can sit inside along the window like I did. Be sure to try this gem if you are ever in the area.


The New Brunch Queen

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