Rusty’s Southern 

Yesterday, I found out I would be in San Francisco the following day (so today) and would have enough time to grab brunch with my dad and our friend.

Today, we arrived at Rusty’s right before it opened and there was already a handful of parties patiently waiting for the doors to open.

The southern restaurant has a very open and cozy feeling. I looked at the menu and knew I had to order some sort of fried chicken dish as soon as I saw that it was brined in sweet tea. I decided to order the Chicken Biscuit. My dad ordered the Country Breakfast and our good friend ordered the Buttermilk Waffles with fried chicken on the side.

Everything looked amazing as it came out. I cut into my Chicken Biscuit and had a foodgasm.

The chicken was topped with sausage gravy and sat on a cheddar biscuit. I ate the green salad quickly then dug into the chicken biscuit.

I also tried some of the waffles which were incredibly fluffy. Our good friend paired her chicken with the waffles…chicken and waffles, of course.

I also had a bite of my dad’s pancake. If you look at the picture above you will see how unbelievably fluffy it was.

I personally could not finish my dish, as much as I wanted to. It was so filling and so delicious. I was sad I couldn’t join the “Clean Plate Club”.

I really enjoyed Rusty’s Southern, located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. It’s a very nice restaurant in a great area with very nice interior design. Make sure you try their sweet tea brined fried chicken!


The New Brunch Queen

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