I made a reservation for brunch at Catch weeks ago. I saw a picture of their Anytime Waffle Tower and had been drooling over the picture for months now. Contrary to the name of the dish, they only serve it during brunch…as I tried to order it for desert on a weekend night and failed. 

Yesterday, my friend and I showed up to the sunny Catch Rooftop for my reservation and I had to make sure I was definitely getting their gorgeous waffle tower. 

My friend ordered their Eggs Benedict and I, for probably 5 minutes, talked to the waiter about how much I’ve been lusting over a picture of the waffle tower.

The Anytime Waffle Tower came out and I gasped and nearly passed out in excitement. I scrambled to capture a picture of the beauty. (The tower was slowly leaning, like The Tower of Pisa, and the waiter saved my life and picture by holding it up…what a saint!)

Then the waiter asked, “Are you ready for the maple syrup?”. I nodded and gasped again and cried, “I’m so happy”, as the waiter drizzled the syrup beautifully over the tower of goodness.

I stared at the food with awe as my friend ate her Eggs Benedict with Home Fries, which looked delicious. 

I finally cut into the waffles which were sandwiched around layers of ice cream and chocolate syrup. The first bite was EVERYTHING I had been dreaming about and more. The waffles aren’t super sweet, probably to offset the sweetness of the ice cream and syrups. My friend tried it as well and agreed, it was amazing. 

We also ordered the Lush Lemonade with our meals and enjoyed the relaxing ambiance of the meatpacking rooftop on a gorgeous summer afternoon.

Catch is a great place for a nice meal. Every dish that circulated to tables next to us looked phenomenal. The rooftop’s energy is perfect just like the food.


The New Brunch Queen 

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