Willi’s Cafe

I was so excited to explore Geneva this morning and grab a nice breakfast to begin my exploration. But so many restaurants weren’t open because of the holiday. 

I walked for a little while until I decided upon a cafe with patio seating. 

I walked in and greeted the waiters “bonjour” then sat outside and stared at the menu. I must admit, I wanted to order a pancake but I thought “don’t be so American”…so I ordered Petit-Dejeuner Energie. 

The waiter, who was so patient with me struggling to read / learn how to pronounce the menu item brought out my tea, orange juice, and Pain Au Chocolat. 

I sat on the patio and people watched while nibbling on my croissant and sipping my tea. 

I love pastries. And you can’t come to Switzerland without eating chocolate… so I really enjoyed my breakfast choice. And the orange juice was freshly squeezed! 

I sat for over an hour just enjoying the relaxing aura of Geneva and my refreshing breakfast choice at the cozy Willi’s Cafe.


The New Brunch Queen 

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