Naco Taco

My friends really wanted tacos today for lunch…but I wanted breakfast food. They decided on Naco Taco, which is a super cool spot that has a huge patio and the food is prepared in a food truck…my favorite taco spot in the Boston / Cambridge area.

I looked at the menu trying to find a “breakfast-esque” taco…preferably something with an egg… and I saw the Fried Egg Tostada! I ordered two with bacon. 

At first, I struggled eating the tostada…using a fork and knife, but why the time I got to the second tostada I just used my hands. 

It was delicious. The tostada and bacon were perfectly crunchy. The seasons on the fried egg and black beans were flavorful. I added hot sauce on the top for extra spice because I love a kick. Hidden under the tostada was a layer of guacamole, which I discovered when I used my hands to handle the second tostada. It was a nice addition to the tasty tostada. 

I know it’s not a traditional Brunch but if you’re ever at Naco Taco there are options! And the tacos are delicious! 


The New Brunch Queen

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