Mercer Kitchen

I was strolling down the streets of Soho, partially window shopping and partially looking for somewhere to eat. I heard about Mercer Kitchen because Kim Kardashian dined here with her bestie, Jonathan, on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

I walked up to the menu and couldn’t decide between the French toast and the pancakes. I texted my friend, who I was mid text convo with, and she said “French toast duh”. 

I was immediately greeted by the hostess who sat me in the cute front section of the restaurant at a banquette. The waiter took my order and was very prompt in refilling my glass and checking in on me. 

The French toast came out quickly and it looked amazing. I’m very picky with how I like my French toast.

The French Toast was described perfectly on the menu as Brioche French Toast with Honey Crisp Apples. 

The brioche French toast was so light and fluffy…if you’ve been reading my blog, I love fluffy, melt in your mouth pastries and such. 

My quick Mercer Kitchen breakfast was delicious! I recommend it if you’re in the Soho area. The servers were attentive and the restaurant energy is very positive. And the location is perfect!


The New Brunch Queen 

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