Green Eggs Cafe

This weekend, a handful of my friends were in Philadelphia for a music festival. As I suffered from FOMO, then realized I hadn’t posted about the amazing brunch I enjoyed in Philly a few months ago. 

I heard about Green Eggs Cafe because a few of my friends had posted pictures of their meals on Instagram, so when I finally made my way up to Philly I knew I had to stop by! 

My friend and I walked over to the restaurant and saw there was a long wait of locals and visitors, which excited me because that means the food worth the wait! So we explored the area and then returned when our table was ready.

I had looked at the menu prior to arriving and had an idea of what I wanted to order. The waiter also suggested the same dish, the Chicken & Waffles Benedict. I knew I couldn’t pass up on this unique menu item. 

I ordered the dish as is and my friend ordered her eggs scrambled and substituted her home fries for fresh fruit. We both ordered a few mimosas as well.

The Benedict was nothing like I had imagined…it was better. It was amazing. The chicken was perfectly crispy…the hot sauce hollandaise was delicious and added a great kick and the maple syrup added a great contrast to all of the flavors. The Rosemary home fries were delicious, my friend ended up eating half of mine! 

Everyone around us was in good spirits and all of the plates that were being delivered to their tables looked so amazingly delicious. 

I would definitely recommend Green Eggs Cafe if you’re ever in Philly! And now, according to their website, they have a location in Miami. And remember, don’t worry about the wait because it is extremely worth it. 


The New Brunch Queen 

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