I am in beautiful Salt Lake City today. Instead of sleeping in, I was awoken by the bright sun and the lovely mountains. I looked for restaurants that served breakfast nearby and chose to walk over to Bambara. 

A Foursquare user commented that it was one of the best places to grab a healthy breakfast and after my experience I agree with them . 

I walked into the gorgeous restaurant and was greeted by high ceilings and comfortable banquettes. The waiter mentioned their House Pressed Garden Juices and I was immediately intrigued. I ordered the Strawberry Blond which was a juice with honey, strawberry, ginger, apple, grapefruit, and arugula.  The waiter described it as a spicy juice but I just think it was a light, refreshing strawberry drink. 

The waiter suggested I try the Brunch Burrito. Since I was already eyeing the burrito I decided to go for it. It had avocado, pork carnitas, egg, cheese, and cilantro and came with a tomatillo salsa and chipotle crema.

It was delicious. Usually when I order breakfast burritos, the cheese seems to overshadow all of the other flavors but this burrito really highlighted the carnitas. 

All of the flavors were well eventuated in every bite. I alternated using the salsa and crema for added spice, then ended up just using the sauces for the home fries. 

This meal was definitely healthy but no flavor was spared. It was absolutely delicious. The service was great, my waiter was very helpful. Bambara is definitely a great place to dine in for breakfast or brunch…and it’s conveniently located in beautiful, mountainous downtown Salt Lake City. 


The New Brunch Queen

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