Area Four

I’m going to begin this post discussing a very important brunch necessity: A Brunch Bestie. I am currently auditioning prospectives for Brunch Besties but before I left Boston, I had the best brunch bestie. He would text me during the week about brunch and pick delicious brunch spots for us to try. Then towards the end of my time in Boston, my Brunch Bestie left me to study abroad…no one will ever replace him. 

All that to say, this is one of many brunch posts from back when I dined with my #BrunchBestie. 

About a year ago, (when our Brunch Friendship was just evolving) he texted me saying we have to try Area Four. This was one of the few times I did not look at the menu before arriving. But I knew he would pick a quality restaurant! 

I showed up to find out it was a pizza place. So my original go-to of ordering eggs was modified to a Brunch Pizza. The brunch pizza had potatoes, egg, cheese, and bacon! 

And Brunch Bestie got some pizza with sausage, cilantro, and mozzarella. It appears Area Four has changed the menu since we dined there about a year ago. But the pizza was delicious. 

Brunch Bestie and I dubbed the crust, “crust nuggets”. The crust was so fluffy and airy, but also the perfect amount of crisp. We even left a fun note about suffering they add Crust Nuggets to the menu. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my brunch at Area Four. Be sure to order a pizza pie along with your brunch dish. They’re known for their pizza but also have a very cool decor. You have to try it if you’re ever in Kendall Square! 

The New Brunch Queen 

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