The Grey Dog

Right about now, I’m craving a huge iced coffee to get through this Monday morning…which made me think about a delicious breakfast I had at a restaurant / cafe that had bottomless coffee! 

I ventured over to The Grey Dog West Village a few months ago for a coffee and an early bite to eat. I walked into the cozy restaurant and was immediately greeted by a friendly aura. 

I ordered a Breakfast Quesadilla, realizing I had never had one. And saw that the iced coffee was bottomless! 

The restaurant had more of a cafe vibe, so I ordered and paid then picked a seat by the window to wait for my food…while sipping on my refreshing iced coffee. 

The breakfast quesadilla was everything I imagined it to be. I added bacon to the eggs, cheese, onion, and mushroom mix. It came with a salsa dipping sauce on the side. 

I’m a recovering iced coffee addict, but I recall only getting one refill of my iced coffee in a to go cup for the road. 

The Grey Dog is a great place for an early morning breakfast. It opens at 7am most mornings. Be sure to grab a bite and a few coffees! 


The New Brunch Queen 

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