Del Frisco’s Grille

A few years ago, when I had just barely dipped my toe into Brunch Life, I dined at Del Frisco’s Grill with my mentor. 

She quickly ordered us both a glass of their refreshing White Sangria, which was made with peaches and my favorite white wine, Pinot Grigio.

She had been there before so she knew exactly what she wanted to order: Chicken And Waffles. And I ordered The Grille Benedict. 

The Benedict was a traditional eggs Benny but with scallion and white cheddar biscuits instead of an English muffin. It was like having your eggs Benny on a Red Lobster biscuit. It was genius! 

Both dishes were amazing and brunch was very affordable! They offer the sangria in carafes if you prefer. 

Be sure to try Del Frisco’s Grille around the USA for a delicious American brunch.

The New Brunch Queen

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