Cafe Paulette 

Today, my family friend invited me out for lunch in Fort Greene. I had just gotten out of my very first massage, which she had kindly gifted me, so I felt like I was already floating above the clouds. We, along with another friend, were in search of dollar oysters but realized after going to two places that it was way too early in the day for oyster specials. We sat at lovely and cozy Cafe Paulette in hopes of scoring some oysters but fell upon the brunch menu instead. 

We arrived just in time, right as another party had just left. A cute family to our left and a couple to our right who all seemed to be enjoying delicious meals. We ordered mimosas and bellinis while enjoying the vibes and waiting for our food.

I looked at the menu and was intrigued by the Chuchuka (or Shakshuka) on the menu. I recall having a similar dish at a restaurant in Boston and remembered how delicious it was. So I ordered the dish with land merguez. 

The flavors were amazing. It was a delightful ratatouille with two baked eggs and merguez. And the piece of bread on the side that I used to sop up the remaining goodness from the dish.

My friend ordered the Burger Paulette with blue cheese which came with fries and a side salad. I had a bite of the burger and it was yummy. The ground beef was smoking and succulent. The burger was perfectly crafted and a perfect size.

Cafe Paulette is right next to the beautiful and lively Fort Greene Park. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the restaurant and people watch on the park goeres while waiting for the decadent, lovely dishes arrive from the kitchen. 


The New Brunch Queen

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