Hotel Chantelle

I arrived at the beautiful Hotel Chantelle extremely early for my reservation. A coworker suggested I had to try their brunch and gave me suggestions. So a few weeks later, I followed her instruction and made my way to the lovely rooftop.

 My friend met me shortly after, so we began to try their cocktails. If you look at their menu you’ll not only see the many delicious meals but you will also marvel at how cheap the cocktails are. Although Hotel Chantelle is not bottomless, they have brunch cocktails (such as mimosas, bellinis and bloody Mary’s) for $4.92. And their signature drinks, Strawberry-Lime Rickey and Easy Passage) for $0.92! 

My friend and I started with Bloody Mary’s while waiting for our table to become available. Once we got to the table, we started with our many Strawberry-Lime Rickeys…which was probably the most refreshing drink I’ve had in a while.

My coworker said the Truffle Egg Fondue was amazing, so my friend and I began with the dish as an appetizer. I had never eaten anything quite like it. The menu lists the ingredients as “poached eggs, served in Parmesan cheese sauce, wild mushrooms, shaved truffles” with brioche sticks to dip into the fondue. You basically break into the egg and experience all of the delicious flavors together. 

It was an incredible way to awaken our palettes and prepare us for our next dish.

We then decided to order the Breakfast Pizza. Two of my favorite things in the world (breakfast and pizza) in one place was bound to be a hit. 

The Breakfast Pizza came fresh out of the oven and was basically served on flatbread, which I loved because you could really enjoy all of the toppings. It was different from any Breakfast Pizza I have ever had because of the sliver of spicy ketchup that really took the pizza to another level. The cheese eggs and crispy bacon with the chives were amazing on the tasty slice of heaven. 

My friend and I finished our pizza and enjoyed a few more Rickeys on the roof. 

Hotel Chantelle is a gorgeous restaurant with a unique and tasty menu. I would recommend this restaurant for dates or sister dates or large parties. They get really busy on weekends, especially when it’s a nice day out so be sure to make a reservation or be prepared for a wait. But, according to their website, the roof is climate controlled / retractable so you can enjoy the “Fun French Menu” year round.

The New Brunch Queen 

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