The Grange

This past Sunday, a group of us arrived at The Grange for brunch. My friends who decided on the eatery had been there before and said nothing but good things about the restaurant. 

Our group slowly trickled in to the restaurant, one-by-one, and we were all seated after a bit of a wait. Between the five of us, we ordered bellinis, mimosas, and Bloody Mary’s (which they call Mary’s Ghost)…full taking advantage of the unlimited brunch option. 

Just like our drink orders, our entree orders were just as diverse. Three of my friends ordered a Pork Belly Benedict, one friend ordered the Fried Chicken Breast on a biscuit, and I ordered the Almond French Toast. 

The food arrived promptly. And it all looked amazing. 

My friends Fried Chicken Breast was served on a biscuit with fried egg, Swiss cheese, and topped with roasted sweet onion sriracha sauce. It was also served with their signature foie gras buttered hash browns and a side salad. It looked delicious.  

My three other friends ordered the Pork Belly Benedict. This menu item isn’t currently on the online menu but it appeared to have huge slabs of pork Belly served on a baguette like toast also with hash browns and a side salad. One friend ordered a side of bacon, which was thick and looked crunchy. 

I ordered the Almond French Toast which was topped with vanilla bean infused strawberries. I added the honey and vanilla mascarpone cheese and drilled the syrup over the two large piece of French toast. It was amazing and perfectly fluffy. The crispy edges of the toast were delicious and crunchy. The two textures of the large pieces worked deliciously together. 

We sat for a few more minutes enjoying our bottomless beverages and digesting the delicious food. 

I would recommend The Grange for big groups or couples or even families! They seemed to have a huge range of different groups in the restaurant during brunch. We did have to wait for a while so reservations are recommended. The service was great and the food was even better.


The New Brunch Queen 

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