I had been dying to try Streetbird for years. Marcus Samuelsson is one of my favorite chefs…I loved watching him on Food Network Chopped. His restaurant Red Rooster is delicious, so I knew Streetbird would be equally as good. 

I’ll get straight to the point: my friend and I ordered a pitcher of Carolina Sweet Tea Sangria to start with. 

Then our server came back to give suggestions, highlighting the menu. My friend ordered the Chicken & Waffles. He decided on the Cornbread batter (over the Red Velvet batter) and a side of Not Yo’ Mama’s Collard Greens. I tried his food and we agreed it was amazing. The chicken was very well seasoned and the cornbread waffle was so fluffy and flavorful.

After going back and forth between three different menu items, I decided on the Hot & Messy…only because the waiter said it “scares” him. I, on the other hand, was intrigued by the dish. 

The Hot & Messy was like nothing I’ve ever experience before…but it was somehow everything I’ve ever wanted. Now bare with me:  It was cornbread with peanut butter spread topped with rotisserie chicken and bacon, smeared with avocado, and finished off with a fried egg. When the waiter explained it I knew I had to try it. It was magical. 

I also got a side of macaroni and cheese, dubbed Return of the Mac.

The meal was so good. It was southern food with a kick. 

Streetbird is trendy and vibrant. You walk in and you immediate feel at home. It has a Diner feel with all of the vintage signs and throwback jerseys. It’s honestly a Harlem Gem. Absolutely try Streetbird! It’s great for groups, families, dates, take out, drinks…anything!

The New Brunch Queen

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