Jacob’s Pickles

After a bit of a wait, my family and I were seated. We had been anxiously awaiting our Jacob’s Pickles experience. My aunt and uncle had been before, telling us about how delicious it was and how it was worth the wait. I was excited to experience this Upper West Side gem!

We began with a round of drinks. My grandmother, the birthday girl, ordered the Bloody B.L.T. As my other family members ordered their brunch libations, I decided to copy the birthday girl and order the same. This drink Bloody Mary was different from any if ever seen. The lettuce stuck out of the glass of Tito’s Peppercorn House Infused Vodka drink with crispy Niman Ranch bacon and jalapeño pickled egg gravely balancing on the edge.

We started with Fried Pickles and their seasonal pumpkin cornbread. 

The Fried Pickles were so delicious, we ordered a second dish. They were shaped like fries and had this incredible spicy red mayo dip that we all loved! 

The pumpkin bread was a sweet seasonal treat that balanced out our savory pickles. 

Our main dishes came shortly after. I had the Sausage Gravy Smothered Chicken Buttermilk Fried Chicken Southern Biscuit Sandwich. It was huge. It comes with cheese grits, that you really don’t need because you can’t finish either. But it tasted so amazing, I wanted to finish everything. 

The big pieces of tender chicken smothered in gravy melted in my mouth. Along with the organic cheese grits. 

I spent some of my childhood in the south, so I’ve had my fair share of southern meals. This one had me thinking I was back at my granny’s house in Tennessee. 

My aunts both ordered the Shrimp and Bacon Grits. Which looked delicious. And probably was because they were the only ones at the table to finish their entire dish. But theirs was probably a more reasonable proportion than our biscuit sandwiches.

My uncle and grandma ordered the Southern B. L. T. Biscuit Sandwich, which was just as colorful as it was flavorful. It started with a biscuit topped with buttermilk fried chicken, pickle slaw, crispy bacon, and a fried green tomato.

In hindsight, I should of stuck to just a main dish. The plates are huge! And I’m sad I couldn’t finish everything but was happy to have some to take home and enjoy later.

My aunt came up with the bright idea of ordering dessert. I was amazed she still had room! But they brought out Fried Oreos, one of my favorite desserts! 

We sat for a little while, waiting on our food digest. Enjoying our drinks and our company. 

I would definitely recommend Jacob’s Pickles for brunch. Just a few tips: be prepared for a long wait, order a drink, try the pickles, and don’t go too crazy on appetizers so you can save room for the delectable comfort food.


The New Brunch Queen 

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