A few weeks ago I met up with my family at Lido for brunch. I had been for dinner before and it was delicious! I had also heard good things about their brunch so I was excited. When I met up with them, they had just come from church…I had just come from my bed.

I put my order in via text to my family members, so my food was waiting for me upon arrival. I was starving so I decided upon the Egg Panini. 

The Egg Panini was basically a cross between a fancy bacon, egg, and cheese and a fancy BLT sandwich. It had goat cheese, bacon, mayonnaise, tomato, and lettuce with mixed greens on the side. 

My pictures don’t do it justice. It was marvelous. I eat my Panini while drinking mimosas, trying to catch up with my family. 

Lido hosts a very lively brunch, which makes sense because it’s an Italian restaurant. There is usually a bit of a wait but it’s always worth it for the delicious food and lively atmosphere.


The New Brunch Queen 

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