Miss Lily’s 

This weekend, my friend and I took the quickest trip to Jamaica…we visited Miss Lily’s in SoHo for brunch. As soon as you walk into the lively Jamaican style diner you are greeted by the good vibes. The music is relaxing. The people are friendly.  The atmosphere is colorful, as is the food.

My friend and I ran into another friend who gave us brunch suggestions. I had been to Miss Lily’s for dinner before so I knew everything would be delicious. She went with the Coconut Pancake and a side of Country Bacon. I went with the Breakfast Roti (with Jerk Sauce on the side…per my friend’s suggestion) and a side of Mac & Cheese. We also ordered the bottomless brunch option, of course.

My friends Coconut Pancake was so good! The dish comes with three huge pancakes topped with shaved coconut, fresh berries, and syrup. 

My Breakfast Roti was amazing. So the roti was filled with scrambled cheese eggs and jerk pork Sausage. I was glad my friend suggested the jerk sauce on the side, which I ended up smothering my burrito with. It was amazing. Now, I’m not usually an onion girl but I ate everything on my plate. 

Of course the Mac and cheese, always my personal favorite, was great! My friend and I basically ate everything while sipping our One Love Bellinis, champagne with passion fruit purée, and enjoying the island vibes of the soho gem.

Dine at Miss Lily’s for a quick retreat to a colorful island of Jamaica on the tiny island of Manhattan. The island vibes will definitely keep you warm during the cold winter. 


The New Brunch Queen 

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