I’ve been to Sarabeth’s years ago with two of my close friends and loved it! Back then, I was a budding Brunch Queen…but this weekend I remembered how much of a staple Sarabeth’s was. I took my mom and little sister to the Central Park restaurant. The wait was short but it was so busy! 

We kept it simple. My mom ordered the One Great Burger. My six year old sister ordered pasta from the kids menu, you can probably see her American Girl Doll in the picture below. And I ordered my very first Salmon Eggs Benedict. 

My first salmon eggs Benedict was delicious! I’m not much of a salmon girl, but I’m a Cali girl so unless it’s on sushi i usually avoid it. But I thought, “what the heck, you want a Benedict…might as well try it”. 

It was so yummy! The benedict was prepared with smoked salmon, hollandaise, peppers, and chives. And a light side salad! The pieces of salmon were huge and flavorful! I will say I’m hooked to salmon egg benedicts from now on! 

Stop by Sarabeth’s for brunch any day of the week. They have five beautiful restaurants located throughout the island. Join the lively atmosphere filled with wonderful people and delicious food! 


The New Brunch Queen 

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