Trident Booksellers & Cafe

Flashback to one of my favorite spots in Boston, a bookstore – cafe. Trident is one of the coolest places in Boston. When you first walk in, you are greeted by bookstacks…as it is a bookstore. Then as you walk more, you’ll see the cafe. It’s a unique and fun concept you have to experience. 

They will often have a little bit of a wait at the cafe, so you can full take advantage of the books, games, and magazines they have on display for purchase. 

My roommate and I met up before our shifts for a late brunch. They are one of the few places that serves breakfast all day. 

My roommate ordered a hot chocolate and I ordered the Co Co Banana smoothie which was basically a “healthy” milkshake. It had chocolate syrup, banana, and soy milk. 

We ordered an appetizer to share, which doesn’t seem to be on the menu anymore. They were like oversized tater tots filled with cheese! Amazing.

Then my roommate ordered the Build Your Own Omelet with a Bagel on the side instead of toast. I ordered the Breakfast Burrito. It was massive but I’m pretty sure I devoured it. It is a warm flour tortilla with scrambled cheddar eggs, mushrooms, avocado, and onion…served with salsa on the side which I later ended up filling the tortilla with. 

The meal was amazing! If you look close enough at the picture you’ll see my roommate holding her hands patiently as I take my picture…the food smelled so amazing that the second I snapped the picture she dug in! 

Although there might be a little wait, the food often comes out pretty quick. If not, you can take turns looking at books in the cafe. 

I definitely recommend you visit Trident if you are shopping on Newbury Street and craving a breakfast or late brunch bite! 


The New Brunch Queen

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