Egg Shop

One rainy afternoon, I met up with my friend at Egg Shop. It is this cozy, cafe-like restaurant on the boarder of Little Italy and Nolita. 

My friend had suggested it weeks prior and we were both so excited to finally try it. She knew I loved brunch and eggs, so this place for perfect!

We took about 15 minutes trying to figure out what we wanted to order…even though we had lusted over the menu online for an entire week. 

I finally decided on the Hot Chix Sandwich. 

The Hot Chix was a panini sandwich with spice fried chicken, sunny side up egg, picked carrots, English cucumber, cilantro, pickled jalapeño, and chili aioli. It was the smaller sandwich of the two we ordered, but it packed a punch with all of the flavors and spices it included.

She chose The Beast Sandwich. 

It had pulled pork carnitas, sunny side up egg, fresh cilantro, picked onion, and chipotle bourbon ketchup all on a hero. 

We ended up splitting our sandwiches in half and sharing them with each other. So I was able to taste the hearty sandwich she ordered while she was able to taste my savory sandwich. 

We went on a weekday afternoon so it was very relaxing. We felt comfortable enough to take our time. The waiter brought out some mint and lemon infused water for the table.

I would definitely recommend Egg Shop if you are ever in the area or if you would like to travel for a midday egg sandwich. My friend and I will definitely be back soon!


The New Brunch Queen 

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